Take your freelance business to the six figure level.

Build a raving client base that can't live without you.

You can’t have a business without clients, right? BUT if you truly want to be successful you don’t just need clients – you need the RIGHT clients. The RIGHT clients trust you. They view you as a partner, not an expense.  They are open to your ideas and recommendations and are forthcoming with information.

Don't close sales. Earn clients.

Sales – yuck! I know. Everyone hates it. BUT you have to do it so let’s make the best of it. Learn how to earn new clients – not close sales. Actually find clients who want to work with you so there is no need for a sleazy sales pitch and convincing. Find a prospect that GETS you and WANTS to work with you.

Streamline processes freeing up time and energy.

If you want people to respect your business you need to look and act like a credible business. Putting systems in place for communication, project management and billing makes your business look polished and worthy of top level clients.

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 Don’t take my word for it……

“I have been in business for 2 years and while business has been stable, I was ready to grow. Melissa helped me breakdown and prioritize a plan for growth. Her organized approach and ability to quickly create systems for my business made the whole process less overwhelming.” -Danielle D.

“Melissa’s ability to streamline my business process helped me better manage my schedule and made understanding my workflow much easier. I spend way less nights reciting thing in my mind that need to be done!” -Krystal R.

“With Melissa’s help I was able to step outside of my comfort zone. She knows what to say to make you feel motivated and ready to tackle challenges.” -Samantha V.